Responsibilities of Having a Credit Card

Once you have qualified, received and activated your credit card, it is when the challenge of managing it begins. Managing a credit card requires proper strategy and discipline. There are cases where an individual uses a credit card too often that they forget their actual capacity to pay. This will lead them to a case where it would be hard for them to pay off all the debt that has been accumulated from all the purchases and payments.

Having an ocbc credit card carries responsibilities. Like any debt, responsible management needs to be taken into account when you have a credit card on hand.

  1. Pay your total amount due or overpay more than the minimum amount due.

Once you have made a purchase or payment using your credit card, you should have the mindset of getting the entire amount paid once the due date for the credit card statement has arrived. It is not advisable for you to rollover your credit unless what you have purchased is a large amount and the intention of the credit card is to serve creating an installment plan. Pay the total amount due. If it greatly affects your income, pay the minimum amount due but make sure that there is overpayment to lessen the principal.

  1. Pay your dues on time and regularly.

Having a credit on rollover mode requires you to pay your fees and minimum amount due on a monthly basis. Make sure that you are able to fulfill this commitment of paying your monthly dues regularly and always get your fees paid on a timely manner. Credit cards are one of the biggest financial debt that can affect your credit score. Making sure that you have your dues paid creates and builds a positive score to your credit rating.

  1. Coordinate with your credit card issuer.

Always make sure that you are in contact with your credit card issuer. If there’s anything that goes wrong with your debt, your relationship with your credit card issuer will be what you will be holding on to. Make sure that you are not hiding from them. And with all reciprocal relationships, they will be the ones to help you in the end.